• Based on a contract farming model, AD International finances & supervises producers & farmers in West Africa.





    Every week we export fruits & vegetables to Europe.
    With our +100 producers, we cover square kilometers of field.


  • How it works

    The harvest takes place early in the morning. Our team selects the best products and packages them.

    In the afternoon, products are sent by plane to Brussels, Paris, London.

    Fruits & vegetables arrived the next day in the morning & delivered by truck to your place of activity.

    Our European team provide the customer service.

  • AD-International:

    "Creating value and social impact"

    "Africa is where entrepreneurship is living at each moment, on every street corner...Difficulties, intensity are everywhere...Magic & creativity are everywhere...I feel it!"

    Maxime Dupont, Co-founder AD International


    "Believe in Africa for a new world"

    Stephane Akaya, Co-founder AD International

  • Founding Team:

    Funding Team @AGOA Forum (Lomé) in the company of the Togolese Minister of Agriculture, OURO-KOURA AGADAZI